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Progress on Wickford PDL

1st February 2024

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Wickford is a small town in Essex with high street which is very typical of towns up and down the UK. 

In 2023 investors were offered 15% p.a. interest to help fund the transformation of a 1960s shopping parade building to create brand new apartments.

This PDL was slightly unusual because although the plan is to revamp the entire building from the ground, this investment was focused solely on the work being done on the levels above the ground floor. 

The plan is ambitious and striking, with the end goal of creating modern, light-filled and well appointed flats from something which had previously seen better days. The whole building will be given a face lift and attractive pivate or communal outside spaces will be created for the new residents. 

Work needed to achieve this has been taking place for several months and we track the progress here in our latest video update.


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