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New Brandlehow PDL is a senior loan

19th June 2024

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Crowdstacker has recently launched a new type of PDL which is a senior loan for the ongoing Brandlehow development.

This development to create two new London family homes has been previously funded by Crowdstacker investors and it is now refinancing for the third phase. Progress on site has been moving apace throughout 2024 and the project is on track so that the two new houses should be marketed for sale towards the end of the year.

As a senior loan investors will be repaid first ahead of all other creditors. The developer would like to raise £282,000 and is offering investors 12% p.a. interest over a 9 month term.

The foundations are now in place and the new walls are being erected with plans to complete the external brickwork and roofs by the end of the summer. A vision of the interiors has been created using CGI technology and you can check this out by looking at our video here.

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