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Hindhead houses make more headway

23rd November 2023

A Surrey development of two modern 'upside-down' houses has come out of the ground with both floors constructed and lots of progress on facing brickwork.

Funds lent by Crowdstacker investors have been put to work on this feat of engineering project to construct two new homes which are part built into a hillside. To date a vast amount of time and effort has been put into the foundations and retaining walls required for this design meaning that much of the progress has been at ground level. But now, as we approach the end of 2023, the houses have emerged fully from the ground. So much so, that if you look carefully behind the scaffolding it is possible to see how the finished houses are going to look when complete.

We've pulled together a short visual update for investors and anyone interested in seeing an example of how projects funded by Crowdstacker really take shape.

You can view this update here.

All the projects funded by our Property Development Loans are monitored closely meaning we can provide regular insights for investors so they can see exactly how their money is being used.

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