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FAQs for raising finance

Do you charge fees to the businesses?

In addition to the interest, a business is charged a combination of an upfront fee of up to 5% of funds raised, an administration fee of up to 0.5% p.a. or an administration rate as specified in the Key Commercial Terms and for property development loans an exit fee of up to 3%. 

The fees payable will be dependent on the repayment term and the credit profile.

What legal contracts will a borrower be subject to?

At a minimum, every Borrower must enter into a Client Agreement and agree to the Crowdstacker Borrower T&Cs. Once an investment has closed, the Borrower will enter into a loan contract, issue loan notes or bonds and any security documents specific to the investment.

What documents does a business need to provide?

This will vary on a case-by-case basis and is addressed during the due diligence process.

Is my business eligible for financing?

In order for our risk committee to make a decision on whether to allow the company to launch a campaign we undertake a comprehensive due diligence process. This includes face-to-face meetings with directors and senior management and a review of the financial position and business plan.

Who can apply to borrow?

Generally any company, charity or Trust registered in the UK. Foreign companies may apply, but our focus is on lending to companies operating in the UK.