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Crowdstacker Autumn Property Market Report

23rd November 2023

Every Spring and Autumn we round up the top line analysis and data from the ONS, RICS and the Bank of England, to get an idea of what has been happening with property sales up and down the country. 

We also look at analysis run by organisations such as Rightmove and large estate agencies to see not only what they think about the recent property market, but also what their predictions are for the future.

In the Autumn Report the data is pointing towards a shallower downturn than perhaps some of the media headlines have been warning about in recent months. As well as predictions of a recovery starting in the coming months. 

If you're interested in property investment then this Report has been put together with you in mind to review asking prices and sales prices nationally and in the regions.

Take a look here.

And if this inspires you to think about investing in property then check out our live investments on our investment page.