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Crowdstacker - win the Runner Up award in the Online Personal Wealth Awards for Best Peer to Peer Platform

Runner Up, Best Peer to Peer Platform 2016 in the Online Personal Wealth Awards

3rd June 2016

Runner Up, Best Peer to Peer Platform 2016 in the Online Personal Wealth Awards

The Online Personal Wealth Awards are nominated and voted for by the investing general public – specifically readers of, and

Which is why it is so gratifying for Crowdstacker to be recognized as runner-up in the Best P2P Provider 2016 category. 

Coming fast upon the heels of our other award wins this year, this recognition is the third such accolade we have been granted in the first 6 months of the year. And because it is voted for by the general public, it is a clear indication that our investors are more than satisfied with the investment opportunities we provide, and the high quality of our customer services.

Crowdstacker is one of a few peer to peer (P2P) platforms currently able to offer the new category of ISA called the Innovative Finance ISA and uniquely amongst most other P2P platforms, at Crowdstacker we only offer opportunities to lend to larger, financially secure and stable businesses. This means we aim to raise significantly larger sums of money for good quality businesses that are able to offer excellent rates of return and solid safety measures such as security over assets or parent company guarantees. 

Our method of selecting which businesses to feature on the platform encompasses a due diligence process which is designed to weed out any business that doesn’t pass muster. It involves a three tiered approach. The first level is a standardized credit and management checking process to gain a basic understanding of the business’s financial health.  We believe that many other platforms in our sector finish their due diligence at this point but Crowdstacker has two further levels of checking to complete before a business is allowed to feature on our platform. The second level involves a far more in-depth scrutiny of the business accounts, the market it operates in, the opportunities for the business and the management team behind it.  We meet with the business several times at their main premises to really get under the skin of the business.  And the final round involves a discussion by our credit committee who look at all the evidence and the proposed loan structure to make a final decision on whether the opportunity is viable.

In addition to this we also focus a lot of our efforts on aiming to create an easy and seamless customer experience for investors. This begins with a clear website and easy ways to access information.  Each investment opportunity includes a brochure which outlines all the key points we have discovered in our due diligence process, and equips potential investors with the knowledge they need to make the right choices given their personal financial situation.  We provide multiple points of contact from monthly newsletters to our customer service helpline where investors can speak to Crowdstacker directly in our London-based offices.

We believe it is the peace of mind that both these processes deliver to people who invest through us which has helped us win second place in the Online Personal Wealth Awards. 

So thank you to everyone who voted for us. We will continue to do our best to meet your P2P investment needs.

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