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Crowdstacker investors now incur no costs for investing via our platform.

0% Investor Fees

3rd April 2018

Crowdstacker investors now incur no costs for investing via our platform. 

Crowdstacker has made a landmark announcement that we will no longer be charging any fees at all for investors on any of our investment products, including our popular Innovative Finance ISA.

Karteek Patel, CEO of Crowdstacker takes a look at why this change has been made.

Invest with Crowdstacker and pay no fees

Fees charged by Crowdstacker have always been limited, but the removal of a nominal £15 transfer fee means that now investors incur no costs at all for investing via the platform.

Our alternative investment platform enables investors to lend money to well established and financially successful British businesses through a variety of investment products. Returns are varied but average around 5-7% p.a. and all investments are eligible to be held tax efficiently in an Innovative Finance ISA, or as part of a SIPP.  

Why should investors have to pay to lend their money to businesses?

Crowdstacker wants to support great British businesses who are innovating, creating jobs and supporting the homegrown economy. And to do this we need to encourage everyday people to invest their money by offering good rates of return, simplicity and now the ability to do this without paying any fees.

Across the financial services sector traditionally fees are charged to investors in a variety of ways and can include exit fees when withdrawing funds or servicing fees for arranging or managing investments.  

Despite being a major driving force behind the movement towards greater transparency in financial services, many alternative lenders, including the large well-known brands, still persist in charging investors.

Crowdstacker is making investing fair for everyone

Crowdstacker was built upon the idea of democratising access to good quality business investment opportunities. Which means not only creating a direct relationship between lenders and borrowers, but also removing any and all barriers to entry.  

Fees may seem like a small cost at around 1%, but unless these are totally removed a platform can't really claim to be making the investment process as transparent as possible.

Crowdstacker has always been, and aims to always be, about making investing an easy and straightforward process with a focus on making money for the lenders and helping the business borrowers to expand and grow.  

At the heart of this is the belief that people shouldn't have to pay to invest their hard-earned cash.