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Secondary Market

The Crowdstacker secondary market helps you buy and sell existing Crowdstacker investments. To make a new investment, visit the investments page.

The market operates on a match bargaining basis; Crowdstacker matches the seller to the buyer and handles the sale. We do not charge any fees for buying or selling within the secondary market.

Any unpaid interest (and capital, where the investment repays both capital and interest) that has accrued on the investment up to the day of purchase, will be paid to the purchaser on the next payment date.

Selling your investment

To sell an investment, log in to your My Accounts, open up the investment and click on the "Sell my investment" button.

Buying investments for sale

You purchase an investment at the total current investment amount and pick up the investment where the buyer left off.

It can take up to 5 business days to process the transfer of the investment, so please consider this if purchasing an investment close to its next payment date.


To give all those who have expressed an interest a fair chance of purchasing investments for sale, we send three notifications by email:

  1. The date and time when we will list investments for sale.
  2. The detailed list of investments for sale.
  3. That all those investments are sold.

Due to the popularity of the secondary market, if you are interested in buying a listed investment, you must respond to the second email as instructed. Telephone calls, unfortunately, will not be accepted.

If you are an existing investor and interested in purchasing any of the investments, please email and confirm the reference number(s) of the investments you wish to purchase.

The purchase of investments for sale will be on a first come, first served basis, based on the time your email is received by us.

Please see our secondary market policy here.

If you want to receive the secondary market notification emails, please click the button below. You can unsubscribe at any time.