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Krinvest Care Loans

Earn an inflation beating 6.75% p.a. secured on assets. ISA eligible.

per annum
Invest from:
4 years
Investment type:
P2P Loan
Target raise:
Next closing:
31st August 2018
Amount raised:

Repayments of interest

Interest is paid periodically on the capital invested. The capital is repaid as a lump sum at the end of the term.

The Krinvest, ISA eligible P2P investment, offering 6.75% return.

Krinvest Care Group provides essential services across the UK through the operation of care homes and children's nurseries.

How investing in the Krinvest P2P investment works

The Krinvest Peer to Peer investment is a 4 year investment offering 6.5% p.a. return, paid quarterly. The investment is secured on freehold property. Krinvest will use the investment to purchase up to 20 individual supported living accommodation properties in the UK. The supported living services will be supported by contracts with various NHS trusts.

Giving you better security on your investment

Investments are secured on freehold properties as well as the assets and undertakings of Krinvest, via a first ranking debenture. As at September 2017, the net assets of the Krinvest Care Group were over £4.8m. In addition, your Peer to Peer loan investment will be secured on supported living properties purchased by the Company, by way of a first ranking legal charge over the properties. Each charge will be registered with the Land Registry. Full details of the security package can be found on page 18 of the Krinvest investment brochure.

So how much interest and capital will I receive?

It’s simple - if you invest £10,000, you would receive £675 interest per annum, paid gross, quarterly. This equals £2,700 interest over the four-year term. Interest is paid directly into your Crowdstacker account or your bank account. You don’t need to reinvest your interest to receive this great rate. Take a look at our interest calculator below.

No fees

We want you to make the most of your money, so we don’t charge you any fees at all.

Can I hold my investment tax efficiently?

At Crowdstacker we offer two accounts which offer tax efficient benefits:

Crowdstacker Innovative Finance ISA - pays interest gross and allows you to earn interest tax-free. You can invest up to £20,000 in this tax year 2018/19.*

Crowdstacker P2P Account - pays interest gross and is eligible for up to £1,000 tax-free interest under the Personal Saving’s Allowance*

*Please note that tax benefits are subject to your own personal tax status.

More about Krinvest

Krinvest Care Group's goal is to become a sector leader in the provision of integrated health and social care services in England and Wales.

More about Crowdstacker

Crowdstacker is an award-winning P2P investment and ISA provider, bringing you handpicked investments, many of which offer a social or community benefit.

The finer details

See our 6 great reasons to lend to Krinvest via the Crowdstacker P2P Platform.

Security - How secure is my investment?

How secure is my investment?

Rate of interest - What interest rate can I receive?
Rate of interest

What interest rate can I receive?

Payment frequency - How often will I receive interest?
Payment frequency

How often will I receive interest?

Term - How long is the investment for?

How long is the investment for?

Opportunity - What is the market opportunity?

What is the market opportunity?

Benefits - Are there any added benefits?

Are there any added benefits?

Do the maths

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RateRepayingPayment FrequencyLoan Term
6.75%interestquarterly4 years

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