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​Property development funder raises £5 million with Crowdstacker

10th April 2019

Clearwell Capital, which provides finance to SME property developers has raised £5 million via a bond featured on the Crowdstacker investment platform.

The finance house, which helps developers ‘build everyday homes for everyday people’ has provided over £12 million to small and medium sized builders, funding 45 different multi-dwelling developments across the UK so far.

It launched an initial raise for £3 million, with Crowdstacker in 2018, the success of which led it to extend its overall goal to £6.5 million in December of the same year.

​Peak Inside New Build Properties by LonPro

9th April 2019

One of the more individual features of Crowdstacker is that many of the businesses which raise funds through the platform issue investors with periodic updates about how they are using the capital raised.  

LonPro, a property development company working mainly in London and the South East of England, successfully raised over £4m on the Crowdstacker platform in 2018 with investors benefitting from a 7.5% p.a. return from an investment that can be held in an IFISA

Crowdstacker Makes a Strategic Credit Committee Hire

3rd April 2019

Crowdstacker has brought on board former RBS Senior Corporate Director, Ken Hillen, as Chairman of its Credit Committee.

Mr Hillen will focus on re-aligning all the lending and monitoring processes to prepare Crowdstacker as it makes changes to its business throughout 2019. Crowdstacker indicated its intention to broaden the range of savings and investments products offered to members when it raised £800,000 via an equity investment in late 2018.

Crowdstacker launches 'Fixed' magazine

19th March 2019

The Crowdstacker team is excited to announce the launch of our new financial lifestyle emagazine called Fixed. Fixed is a great new savings how-to magazine featuring articles from leading independent UK personal finance and travel journalists.

It has been our mission since the inception of the Crowdstacker platform to help people overcome financial apathy and to think more about their money and how they save, invest and spend. 

Quanta Loans – an ISA eligible investment that has gone from strength to strength since 2015

5th March 2019

Since launch, Quanta Loans has gone from strength to strength. The team, headed by Quanta CEO and property expert Robby Du Toit, has purchased 192 UK residential properties with the lent funds over the last three and a half years and achieved the refurbishment and sale process on average within 122 days. The funds raised are reused after each sale and so far over £27milion of UK property has been purchased and refurbished.*

XL Investors Reap Full Rewards

15th February 2019

XL has put its £1million Loan from Crowdstacker investment platform to good use

In early 2018 XL completed a £1million P2P Loan on the Crowdstacker investment platform.

XL Group used the funds to purchase vehicles at substantial volume discounts, which were then leased on to its customers - individuals and UK SMEs - for a short term of 6 months.

​Crowdstacker ranked one of Britain’s fastest growing businesses in 2018

18th December 2018

Crowdstacker has been ranked 36 in a run-down of Britain’s fastest growing companies in 2018 by online investment platform, Syndicate Room.

Syndicate Room’s research reviewed businesses based on their value at the start of 2015 versus their value in 2018 to create a Top 100 List which has been published here.

The overall list was dominated by technology-led businesses, but not necessarily those in the financial services sector.  

New property P2P Loan launches on Crowdstacker

10th December 2018

Crowdstacker has launched a new P2P Loan on its platform to raise £4million for property developer Mizen Properties.

Investors will be offered a healthy 7% return on their investment in return for lending it to the developer for a three year term.

Farmers Turn to Alternative Finance

30th November 2018

Agricultural Project Finance Lender Seeks to Raise £4million through Crowdstacker

Crowdstacker is now working with Prime Agricultural Finance to raise £4million for its agricultural project finance practice.

Prime typically lends to farmers, small holders and horticulture businesses to assist in the deployment of projects which help them become more environmentally friendly or technologically up-to-date.

Crowdstacker Wins Again

16th November 2018

Crowdstacker has been voted "Best Innovative Finance ISA" provider at the Shares Awards 2018.

The Shares Awards are held on an annual basis and reward businesses in the financial services industry in a variety of categories.